Portrait Photography Lighting

CL Lights enable ‘studio’ portraits anywhere with hard or soft lighting and the ability to create a range of moods and styles.

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Portrait Photography

CLx8 Photo Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CLx with a complete kit designed for the professional photographer.



The only continuous light designed exclusively for the needs of the modern professional photographer.


Portrait Kit

Create stunning imagery straight out of the camera with an all inclusive kit designed for the fast-moving photographer.


Stella Pro CL 8000 Broadcast Kit

The complete lighting solution for the on-location professional that needs to be ready at a moments notice.


Stella Pro CL 8000

The world’s most technologically advanced continuous light, the CL 8000 RF takes lighting to the next level.


Stella Pro CL 5000 RF Action Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CL 5000 RF with this complete single-light kit that includes light modifiers and RF remote.


Stella Pro CL 10,000c

Revolutionary power from an AC/DC corded single-point LED that fits in the palm of the hand and outshines a 200W HMI light.


Stella CL 2000 Action Kit

All the essential modifiers and accessories to maximize the on-location versatility of the compact CL 2000.


Professional Review

The Stella lights bring a whole new level of creativity to my work. The ability to have a constant light that I can use in daylight, night, and all weather makes so many more images possible. The beam is even and consistent with perfect kelvin.

Sara France

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Run & Gun Portraits SOC

Run & Gun Portraits SOC

"Sometimes my work has to be fast moving - the ability to shoot high frame rates and capture the moment is now possible with continuous lights. Your camera is so fast and there is no need to wait for strobes to catch up. You can see what you are capturing right through the digital viewfinder and remove the variables." -Sara France

No Conflicts with Videographers at Weddings

"Videographers love to work with my team when we are using the Stella CL lights - everyone can shoot and get great results. The quality of the clients video is better as well and videographers love to work with our team because of it."

No Conflicts with Videographers at Weddings
Dramatic Portraits at Twilight

Dramatic Portraits at Twilight

"The Light & Motion CL Lights are the perfect for my favorite time of night, twilight. It is so great to be able to quickly pull out the perfect light and visually see what you are creating using this consistent light. I use the Stellas to create highlight as well as beautiful dramatic side light. I can quickly create several looks which is ideal since this time of night only lasts for a few minutes."

Introducing CLx

The only continuous light designed exclusively for the needs of the modern professional photographer.