CL Series brings out the artist – easily changing the lighting style to create a high or low key look.


Portrait Plus Kit

Create more indoors or out in full sun with our most powerful  2-light kit designed for the fast-moving photographer.


CLx10 Photo Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CLx with a complete kit designed for the professional photographer.



The most powerful on-location LED Continuous Light with integrated battery for photography and cinematography.


CLx8 Photo Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CLx with a complete kit designed for the professional photographer.



The only continuous light designed exclusively for the needs of the modern professional photographer.


Portrait Kit

Create stunning imagery straight out of the camera with an all inclusive kit designed for the fast-moving photographer.


Corporate Imaging Kit

Designed specifically for fast-moving broadcast crews that know every second matters to get the shot.


Stella Pro CL 8000 Broadcast Kit

The complete lighting solution for the on-location professional that needs to be ready at a moments notice.


Stella Pro CL 8000

The world’s most technologically advanced continuous light, the CL 8000 RF takes lighting to the next level.


Stella Pro CL 5000

Lighting without limits, cinema-grade light excels in the harshest of environments.


Stella Pro CL 10,000c

Revolutionary power from an AC/DC corded single-point LED that fits in the palm of the hand and outshines a 200W HMI light.


Stella CL 2000 Action Kit

All the essential modifiers and accessories to maximize the on-location versatility of the compact CL 2000.


The benefit of LEDs has been the ability to study the light in real time. Being able to see the key and fill light and see the catch lights in my client’s eyes - this has been a catalyst for my creativity during shoots. What you see is what you get!

Alan Weissman
Great for Expansion

Great for Expansion

With the ability for limitless expansion through attaching softboxes, umbrellas, barn doors, fresnels, or shooting through silks etc CL lights provide the versatility to create an aesthetically pleasing photograph.

Cords Not Necessary

Continuous lights are a must have at all times, whether on location or in the studio. The built-in battery makes them ultra-portable and easy to maneuver in a matter of seconds for perfect lighting.

Cords Not Necessary
Multiple Environments

Multiple Environments

The CL series is very versatile in that they can be used indoors or outdoors, combining studio light with ambient light while still holding their value as the primary light source in the studio.