Waterproof LED Lights for E-Bikes

Prioritizing rider safety with features that increase visibility on the roadway which is important with higher commuting speeds that e-bikes deliver.


Seca 1800 e-Bike

Game changing illumination for e-Bikes, turn night into light for epic long-distance adventure.


Tuck e-Bike Taillight

Focus on the road ahead confidently knowing you are highly visible with performance rear lighting.


Nip-n-Tuck e-Bike Set

Nip’s powerfully focused beam and Tuck’s ultra-visible rear pulsing light reinvents e-Bike illumination.


Nip 500

Maximize visibility on the daily commute with the only e-Bike light series focused on rider safety.


Nip 800

The most important e-Bike upgrade: powerful daylight visible lighting with enhanced side lights.


Light & Motion lights have been with me when I broke the record on the Kokopelli Trail, they went up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and they traveled down the Ho Chi Minh Trail lighting the way on the biggest expedition of my life. They have never let me down.

Rebecca Rusch