Bike Light Combo Kits

Need a full set up? We have crafted the perfect light combinations to meet specific needs from trail riding to urban commuting. Save on our combo kits!

Bike Combo Kits

VIS E-Combo

Vis E headlight’s powerfully focused beam and taillight ultra-visible rear pulsing light reinvents e-Bike illumination.


Ultimate Trail Combo

Combining the impressive Seca 1800 with the ultra-compact Trail 1000, this dual light kit provides riders the perfect balance of power and beam pattern.

$379.99 $299.99

Vya Pro Commuter Combo

The ultimate in commuter technology, designed to provide riders a compact and ultra-visible front and rear lighting set.


Vya Commuter Combo

Powerful SafePulse beam and auto-on convenience is the perfect ultra-compact front/rear combo for urban riders.


Urban 500 & Vya Combo

The timeless Urban headlight, a commuting favorite, is paired with the smart Vya, the next evolution in taillights.


Urban 1000 Commuter Combo

The latest in bike light technology, premium performance is enhanced by industry leading safety features.


Nip-n-Tuck e-Bike Set

Nip’s powerfully focused beam and Tuck’s ultra-visible rear pulsing light reinvents e-Bike illumination.