Cinema Accessories

CL Action Kit Soft Case – Small

Designed to transport our Smaller CL 2000, CL 1000/2500 Lights plus modifiers and charging cables. 


CL Action Kit Soft Case – Large

Designed to transport our larger CLx10, CLx8, CL 8000 & CL 5000 Lights plus modifiers and charging cables.


CL Underwater Head (Flat Port)

An essential add-on for Stella CL owners who want to enhance creativity with underwater lighting – from choreographed pool shoots to scuba expeditions – transform Stella into an ultra-versatile lighting platform.


Barn Doors 82mm – Extended

Press-on barn doors with DM (Direct Mount) Interface designed for the Stella Pro CL lights with DM interface.


CLx Tungsten Head

Ultra-powerful tungsten lighthead with integrated fan provides a warm 3200k color output for CLx photo lights.


Flat Port DM

Protect the Clx light’s LED array when transporting the unit or using without any lighting modifiers.


Cold Shoe Mount – CL

Securely attach compact CL location lights to a camera’s cold shoe interface when used with 1/4-20 adapter.


YS Mount

A secure mounting interface to mount ultra-compact lights to housing arms or a C-Stand with YS interface.


DTAP Cable

Connect ultra-compact CL lights to an external battery with DTAP connection to both power and recharge.


DTAP Cable Pro

Connect a continuous light to an external battery with DTAP connection to both power and recharge the light.


Barn Doors Light Modifier

Shape and control a continuous light’s beam with press-on barn doors that integrate the DM (Direct Mount) Interface for use with DM modifiers.


3″ Speed Ring Gel Holder, 82mm

Attaches securely to the Stella bezel for use with Chimera softbox speed ring adapters or 3×3 hard gels.