Mission 31 with Fabien Cousteau

June 3, 2014

By Kip Evans

I’m currently living 60 feet below the ocean surface with Fabien Cousteau (grandson of Jacques Cousteau) and a team of aquanauts in an underwater habitat called Aquarius.  Aquarius is located 9 miles offshore from Key Largo Florida.  It’s a special habitat about the size of a school bus and it can support 6 aquanauts at a time.  This will be the first time a mission of this length has taken place at Aquarius. Splashdown for Mission 31 commenced on June 1, and our team will emerge from the mission on July 2.

While the total mission duration is 31 days, I’ll only be saturating 1/2 of those days before returning to the surface on June 17th.

If you are interested in following the Mission, please visit www.Mission-31.com  You can also follow our adventure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels.

Our typical days includes science dives, SKYPE calls, interviews, visits from VIPs and of course lots of diving.  Yesterday we had a visit from Dirk Cussler, son of best selling author Clive Cussler.

If still you have children in school, or an organization that might enjoy a video SKYPE call, please let me know as I might be able to arrange a live chat with our aquanauts.

Kip Evans is a professional filmmaker and photographer and passionate ocean conservationist. Kip is also a Light & Motion sponsored Ambassador and has contributed many beautiful underwater photographs to our catalogues and this website.