Light & Motion SOLA 4000 Enhances Shallow Water Tiger Shark Shoot

November 11, 2014

Tiger Sharks were a first for me, so I was very excited to experience encounters with these magnificent creatures. We were very well instructed on the do’s and don’ts in order to respect the sharks and not to bring ourselves, our dive buddies but also the sharks in danger. As thrilled as I was to admire these animals for the first time, I felt very peaceful and zen as soon as I hit the water. Their slow movements had a calming effect on me.

The depth of the dives was only 15 feet which gave us plenty of time to spend with the Sharks. The sun was out, a great opportunity to use the ambient light in combination with the Light & Motion SOLA 4000’s and the cyan filters. I love these filters because they are so easy to use by simply flipping them in front or away of the light whenever needed.
Using lights always give more definition to the subject, even when there is plenty of ambient light. I made a white balance using the cyan filters on the SOLA 4000’s mixed with Sunlight which created a perfect match between ambient colors and the colors produced by the SOLA’s with the cyan filters. There was a lot available light and when the sharks came really close to me or above me, the SOLA’s provided that perfect extra light to pronounce the definition in the texture of the shark and in a way that it still feels natural.
Because of the size of Tiger Sharks, I decided to use three SOLA 4000’s, the two at each side of the camera at full force and the one in the middle at half of it’s capacity, using the seven steps dimmer, to fill in the gap.

I’m very happy with the results and I can’t wait to go back to spend some more time with these fantastic animals.
We went for MAESterpiece Productions to Gran Bahama, Bahamas, to film the Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach for a new documentary, all under the perfect organization and guidance by EPIC diving which specializes in safe, up-close encounters with a variety of shark species throughout the Bahamas. From the ubiquitous reef shark, larger than life tiger shark, to the ultra rare Oceanic Whitetip shark. These expeditions are a dream for underwater photographers and life changing experiences for novice shark divers.

You can read more about Frans De Backer and his passion for underwater cinematography on our Ambassador page here!