"I Love the Sola Lights!"

October 12, 2014

I bought the Sola Video 1200s to replace my one Amphibico HID light. The Amphibico light, a single unit, weighed a lot more than the two Sola lights combined and then some! The Sola lights are small and compact, easy to turn on & off.

The 3 different power settings for changing the beam from spot to a wide beam area are awesome. I have never run out of light. On a night dive it’s like driving a car with the zenon lights and the ocean lights up, but be careful not to blind your fellow divers, my son reminded me of that! The lights are super easy to recharge with a small compact travel charger – and not having to remove the batteries as I had to do with my Amphibico speaks for itself. The batteries seem to last forever! The display is user friendly for both observing the battery and charging status.

Before I decided on buying the Light & Motion I researched different manufacturers. I had even entertained buying another Amphibico, which would mean probably getting the accompanied Sony Video Camera, however I learned that Sony was refusing to make an all important upgrade in its firm ware to allow for automatic white balancing. I quickly ruled them out, I called Light & Motion and spoke to the tech team and they were great. They helped me decide on which package would be best suited for me.

These aren’t the cheapest lights but the quality that Light & Motion brings to the market is surpassed by none.