I Commute By Bike

March 3, 2014

By Brian Lehman

Surfing through Denver on a tangerine morning, I hear that familiar windswept rhythm of the pedals keeping our beat yet again.  It’s the easy going song she plays that reminds me of her reliability.  I can hear thankfulness in the smooth glide of her chain as we settle into our joy hugging the contours of the road.  Red is no ordinary bike.  She’s been my victorious steed laboring through two cyclocross seasons and countless road races.  We’ve done a lot of miles together.  So when we take off to roll into work, it sort of feels like we’re crossing yet another starting line.

It’s a line that we intentionally cross, but that unintentionally changes our perspective each day.  Sure, it’s just an imaginary a line without a real significance to this world, but for us, it signals our best efforts to join the ride with our desires (and yes, Red has desires).  Come what may, this line is the beginning of our journey into the unknown.  So we cross that line each day and in return it encourages us to believe that we can navigate the surprises that life throws our way.

Beyond the starting line, there’s always something to navigate, right?  That’s where we found our tune.  We explored a harmony that took us beyond race day suffering and united us in perseverance.   This harmony is now our story that we laughably relive while taking in the scenery on our work day commute.  It is our history as much as it is our future.   The leaves are falling now and though we’ll soon be using another tread, our journey will continue.  We’ll move on.

So I ride to work to feel and create the history that these wheels know so well.  I’ve traversed miles in a process of discovering who I am.  A process that continually begs me to answer, “why do I ride?”  And you know what I’ve found?  My answer is a project to make refinement a mode of being.  Just like our bikes needs to be tuned to function properly, so can the human spirit.  So ride your bike and you’ll see; it’s a lesson in perseverance that will set the pace for things to come.