“Guiding Light to success” AR Championships

December 28, 2013

By Chad Denning, Untamed AR Team

This year’s USARA National Championships had us in a FUN battle with the best Adventure Racing teams in the country.  What was going to be the differentiator?  Well of course we hope skill – but lights play a big role in increasing our navigation skill level at night.

Ironically the top four teams in this year’s USARA National Championship Race were all teams that use Light and Motion lights…   I’m just saying!

As we prepared to set off on the last stage of this year’s championship race we needed to make sure that we brought our best game as any mistakes out there would cost us dearly with only about 5-6 hours of racing left.  Well the top four places never changed in that last segment because everyone pushed so hard but it was not without potential.  Team Untamed NE almost caught up with DART and Team SOG was making a hard push on Team Untamed at the end. For us a lot of these events are decided at night and usually on foot.

The Seca 2000 is designed to be the guiding light while biking at high speeds on FUN terrain.  Let me tell you mountaineers, orienteers, cave dwellers, night skiers and all around endurance junkies that the SECA 2000 headlamp is an amazing torch that will never let you second guess your speed or ability level at night regardless of sport.  This type of consistent firepower allows you to be a better, safer and more in control athlete as you pursue perfection while racing, training or playing at night.