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Engineered with leading scientists, the GoBe NightSea Light delivers the perfect wavelength of blue light to excite otherworldly fluorescence. Features a phosphor flip-cap to easily switch between the blue NightSea and a white navigation light. Add a yellow filter to your mask or glasses for best results!

• NightSea technology causes certain proteins and chemicals to fluoresce under blue light, revealing hidden details in the world around. For best results, view through a yellow filter to see nothing but fluorescence!
• Use while night-diving, exploring, or rock-hunting to find plants, animals, or minerals with fluorescent properties.
• Color wavelength: 440-460nm
• Included phosphor cover changes blue light into white with a flip of the cap. Useful for navigation and orientation.

• NightSea Phosphor Cover, Lanyard, GoBe Charge Cable



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Add a mask filter for the best results! Upgrade to a NightSea Mask filter

GoBe NightSea

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  • GoBe NightSea

Specifications / Features


  • Lumens:


    • High – 750mW
    • Med – 350mW
    • Low – 100mW
  • Run Time:

    • High – 2 hrs
    • Med – 4 hrs
    • Low – 16 hrs
  • Charge Time:

    5 hrs

  • System Weight:

    172 Gr.

  • Size:

    4.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"



    Blue lighting that excites organisms to exhibit fluorescence.


    Fl-1 Certification depth rating for waterproofness.


    High, Med, & Low output modes with SOS &Extended Runtime options.


    Micro-USB provides the most versatile and convenient options to charge up.


    Modular design supports a variety of mounting options.


    Phosphor filter on NightSea creates white navigation light.

Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations

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Good build quality, low weight, and nice sealed charging capability.


Fantastic as a video light for macro videography. No hotspots!

Martin Charnell

Made in Monterey

Enduro Magazine

L&M is not a large company, and is made up of around 50 full-time employees, all working under one roof. This gives L&M the ability to be…

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L&M is not a large company, and is made up of around 50 full-time
employees, all working under one roof. This gives L&M the ability to
be flexible in an ever-changing market. “We can update products and
innovate much quicker than our competitors,” explains Jacob. “We can
update to a more efficient LED, reprogram our lights or redesign a
mold to improve assembly workflow. Most businesses would have to
wait out an entire season before they could make changes like that”.

It’s advantages like these that keep L&M competitive in the market.
The feel-good factor of buying local can only get you so far in a market
where consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable buying Asian
made products, whether it’s a $100 light or a $6,000 mountain bike.
Like every other brand, L&M has had to innovate to stay ahead of the

Credit: Author Will Barret - Enduro Magazine

*Pick up a magazine at your local bike shop to read the full article.

Made in Monterey

• Industry Review •

Photo, Video, Fluoro and…

Brent Durand, UW Photography Guide

Photo: Brent Durand, GoBe Nightsea & Canon 5D Mk III, Aquatica housing, 100mm macro lens. Light & Motion’s GoBe light has become a…

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Photo: Brent Durand, GoBe Nightsea & Canon 5D Mk III, Aquatica housing, 100mm macro lens.

Light & Motion’s GoBe light has become a popular option for divers since it’s launch in fall 2013. The stylish compact design stands out from other lights on the dive boat while performance is what you would expect from Light & Motion (manufacturers of Sola lights).

I have been demoing a GoBe 2.2 Ah body with 500 wide, 500 spot, red focus light and Nightsea lightheads the past couple weeks on several different housing / camera combos. Below are my impressions from the dives.

The GoBe Light

The GoBe has many benefits. Aside from being affordable, is it very lightweight and can be used as a dive light, focus light, red focus light, fluoro diving light, bicycle light and countless other topside activities. The fact that you can change lightheads (above water) makes it a great light for newer divers/photographers who will slowly add more heads and also for more seasoned divers/photographers wanting light for a specific application.

The lightheads themselves are very easy to change as long as you keep an eye on the o-rings (as underwater photographers we know this well)!

The power button is very easy to depress, which is great because it doesn’t move when mounted on a housing and pushing with one finger. Battery power level indicator is a must, especially for those who night dive frequently.


2 bodies available (2.2 Ah and 3.0 Ah Li-Ion)
The 3.0 AH has a longer burn time for the 700 lumen and 500 search lightheads

6 different lightheads

Available in several kits based on intended use

5 power modes
High, Medium, Low, Extended, SOS

Easy-to-push power button with power level indicator

Various mounting options

Only 160 grams

USB rechargeable li-ion battery

Nightsea Lighthead

Brightness: .7w

Beam Angle: 20 degrees

Best Uses: Fluoro diving & underwater fluoro photography. The GoBe Nightsea isn't as powerful as the larger Nightsea light, but provides enough blue light for great photographs on cameras that can handle higher ISOs. Every diver will have a thrill night diving with the GoBe Nightsea and the Nightsea mask filter.

Check out the full review at:

Photo, Video, Fluoro and Topside from the Same Light Body

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Lumen Test

Lumen Test

FL1 Standard: Ready to Go: Light and Motion is the first lighting company to test and certify their lights in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard. Using an integrating sphere, the actual lumen or light output and run-time is precisely measured and certified. No more guessing.  See for yourself.


Beam Test

Beam Test

BEYOND BRIGHT: See for yourself what the beam patten looks like and if it will provide the perfect light to enhance your favorite activities.

Light & Motion


Perfect For

This Light is Perfect For


When getting to the summit means finding your own route before the sun rises - you need powerful lighting to navigate.

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@kauai_guy Bro, do you even GoPro? #gopro #goprooftheday #backscatter #scuba #kauai #macro #lightandmotion

Mountain Biking

Riding is about immersing oneself in the moment and tapping into the "flow." Night or day - let the world be your playground.

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@marco_in_la I was admiring the cool reef, when Mr. Eel had to come up to the picture :-) The green moray eel: Spanish names: #Congre, #Congrio,…


Not all who wander are lost - but having the perfect light will ensure you find whatever it is you are looking for.

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@good_mang My car headlights (top) versus 2 cycling lights (bottom). 1,600 lumens to brighten up the darkest Mtb trail. #mtb #bikelife #nightmtb…

Upgrade & Enhance

Upgrade & Enhance

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GoBe NightSea Light

  • Lumens:
  • [10°]
  • High – 750mW
  • Med – 350mW
  • Low – 100mW
  • Run Time:
  • High – 2 hrs
  • Med – 4 hrs
  • Low – 16 hrs
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