Finding Light & Motion… Turns into a Dream Come True

June 29, 2014

Last year, my wife Kat wanted to work as a PTA traveler in the healthcare industry. We spent 3 month in Joshua Tree, traveled to Seattle for a couple of weeks and wound up accepting a 2 month position in Pacific Grove, CA. I accompanied her (as I was somewhat burned out at my job and needed a break). To keep myself busy besides the daily house work, I spent many hours cycling and walking our two Australian Shepherds, Alice and Millie. The three of us crisscrossed Pacific Grove and Monterey daily.

On our walks down Cannery Row, we passed a nondescript building countless times. Some days I could hear and smell machine shop (I am a manufacturing guy by trade, I worked all my life in and out of machine shops and have a masters degree in manufacturing from Switzerland) not an unfamiliar or unpleasant smell. I tried to get a peek inside but could not make out what’s going on in there.  My curiosity kicked in and I wanted to know what is machined amidst all the tourist traffic on Cannery Row. As I could not detect any advertisement or clear sign of a name or nature of the business, I kept wondering and walking by the mysterious building for over a month.

Then one day as I walked by on the opposite side of the road, I recognized the washed out scribble on the roll-up door in front of the building. Under the scribble was the name Light & Motion. I knew the name Light & Motion from the cycling world, but this could not be the Light and Motion?!

At home, I googled Light & Motion and to my surprise, this was the location for the business! Now, I needed to see the operation, I’m passionate about manufacturing, machining and especially the bike industry. No harm in asking… so I emailed Light & Motion explaining my curiosity and, for good measure, attached my resume. Within 20 minutes there was a reply in my inbox! Surely, a standard automated reply but to my surprise, it was a personal response from Daniel Emerson, CEO at Light & Motion. WOW!!! I got all giddy and very excited about hopefully getting a tour of the facility. A couple of email exchanges later, I was sitting casually vis a vis the CEO and the Director of Manufacturing , sipping coffee and talking about a job at Light and Motion. Double WOW!!!

A long story short, I am now the Manufacturing Engineer at Light & Motion, just because of my curiosity and that first little email. I still need to pinch myself now and then, just to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Matthias Feurer is our Manufacturing Engineer – he is responsible for designing and machining the tools to make the camera and light accessories and the small parts that we use to build our lights. He is  a Swiss – American citizen, who came to New York in 1988 and then to Tucson in 1993. For the last 14 years he has raced, commuted and had fun on a bicycle. Now he combines his passion for cycling with his passion for manufacturing!