Engineering Expertise Leveraged for New Urban 2.0

June 30, 2014

The Urban has been one of our most successful products and for 2015 our customers will experience a completely redesigned light. The new Urban 2.0 is more robust and is fully waterproof yet it has the same sleek and compact profile of the previous generation Urban lights.

We started our Urban 2.0 redesign by incorporating new design strategies for the electronics and heat transfer (cooling of the LED).  We were able to increase output to 800 lumens using the LED and battery from the Urban 700.  The circuit is more efficient, but also more reliable and more thoroughly tested. With the new circuit design we were able to accommodate a common request from you: faster charging.  The new Urban 800 Fast Charge can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours, cutting charge time by two-thirds.

The original Urban was designed to be splash-proof, but we found that some seals were not as reliable as our initial testing showed and we learned that our customers use their commuter lights year round in every kind of weather.  We redesigned several seals, and rather than splash or spray testing, we now test by submerging Urban in a meter of water for 30 minutes for an IP-67 rating.  Another reliability improvement is a redesigned internal bracket that withstands harder crashes, improves assembly, and keeps the battery firmly held in place.  The switch design was modified to make the click more tactile, and we added lockout mode to all Urbans, so you don’t have to worry about the light turning on in your bag or pocket.

The last substantial engineering changes concern the optics.  For the main beam, using optical simulation software, we were able to combine the smooth beam of Urban 700 with the tight long-range spot of early Urbans, providing strong illumination down your path and smooth, bright fill light to see the area right around you.  The indicator light on the back is more than 50% brighter, and the side lights are about half as bright as before.  The former allows you to see battery status more easily; the latter keeps the side lights from being too distracting on your hands and bars while still providing side illumination that is much, much more visible to drivers than the competition.

After the parts were redesigned, our Industrial Designer Roxy Lo and our Marketing team chose some exciting new color combinations for this complete redesign overhaul.  And finally, sales and purchasing worked hard together to deliver all these upgrades, including more lumens, at a reduced price.

We’re very excited about our new line – look for it in your favorite local bike shop!

Chris McCaslin is the Director of Engineering at Light & Motion. He has been contributing to Light & Motion’s innovative LED light designs since 2003.