CX, Road, and MTB all Help Hone Skills

February 27, 2014

By Cody Kaiser

Cyclocross season is my favorite times of year. Fall is here, the trees start to change and the temps start to drop. With that come shorter days and an even bigger need to ride with lights.

Throughout the summer time I have put in long rides with big miles in order to lay down a nice base leading into the short, intense season of Cross. Once the racing begins training changes to become more specific in time and effort in order to mimic the aggressive nature of the races.

I try to use all of my bikes in order to hone each specific skill needed, and with that I need a light to match my riding. I do quite a bit of riding off road to keep the technical skills sharp and whether it is riding my mountain bike on single track, or my CX bike on fire roads I need a light to illuminate the way and the bright output of the Seca lights definitely get the job done.

When I am not riding dirt, I am out on the road to work on specific intervals to aid in legs speed and improving power. I start most of my rides in early evenings and usually the last hour is in the dark. My favorite feature of the Urban/Vis combo is the orange side marker lights. It is something that you never really think about but it makes so much sense. It gives me some reassurance that the cars are going to acknowledge me where I am on the road even as they are passing.

Cody is a pro cyclist for Cal Giant and Specialized.