Light & Motion Recognized for Environmental Efforts

December 28, 2013

Beyond making our lights in the USA, we do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact, from waste reduction to encouraging our employees to bike to work. So we’re excited that just gave us their Small Business Award.

Light and Motion is recognized for climate-smart efforts
Sacramento, CA May 19, 2011– Light and Motion is officially Cool in California.’s Small Business Award Program recognizes Light and Motion Industries for demonstrating leadership by taking proactive steps to reduce their impact on our climate and communicating this information to their employees and customers.

Specifically, Light and Motion has adopted sustainable practices, using recycled paper and non/low toxic biodegradable products. In 2010 they recycled 6,040 pounds of aluminum. In addition, Light and Motion supports a bike-to-work program which financially rewards employees for using alternative commuting. Cal Recycled has also acknowledged Light and Motion for their waste reduction and lithium-ion battery recycling program.

“We are excited about winning this award and participating in the Cool California program. As a small business, we are focused on making responsible decisions that help promote sustainable business practices and minimize our environmental footprint, while having a positive impact on our bottom line,” says Jim BoisD’Enghien, Vice President of Sales at Light and Motion.