Climbing and all that Adventure Racing

March 8, 2014

By Marco Amselem

Sport is a big passion in my life. Since I was kid I was involved with sport. I started to swim very young, played all kinds of team sport at school, did all kind of martial arts and started to surf when I was teenager. My sisters always used to take me for some outdoor adventures and I would always came back from the trips asking about the next one.

When I was in college a friend invited me to do an adventure race and I agreed right away. I love challenges and I got super exited. After that race I was sure I would do it again. I was so happy to find a sport which is composed of several other ones: climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, running, and orienteering. I was also impressed with all the logistics involved and all the equipment needed to perform the sport safely.

It was then that I bought my first harness. I knew I would need one to do an Adventure Race but I also started to enjoy climbing, canyoneering and others rope sports. I also bought my first headlamp. I was fascinated about doing outdoor activities during the night. I felt I could do anything at night.

After a couple of years racing, training, enjoying the outdoor and trying all kinds of headlamps I had impression each of them had a particular weakness. In 2013 I met the SOLITE from Light & Motion. It was the first time I couldn’t find a weakness that would call my attention. Solite is powerful enough to light any kind of outdoor activity, is super light and has an extremely long run time. I used one at the last Adventure Race World Championship and I can surely say that is also extremely robust and reliable. I leave mine inside my car now and it is always ready to whatever adventure I decide to do. Congrats Light & Motion to come up with one of the best lights of all times.

Marcos Anselem races for the adventure race team Columbia Vidaraid which finished 2nd in the AR World Championships. Adventure Racing is his passion. The complexity of this sport challenges him like no other.