LED Film & Video Lighting for Cinema

Remarkable freedom to get the shot – powerful lighting sets up fast and renders colors beautifully for untethered creativity.

Interviews & News

Continuous lights that set up fast and work anywhere - from full sun interviews to disaster locations - get the story as no one else can.

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Film Schools

Safe, versatile, portable and extremely durable, the CL Light Series can support the full range of student assignments.

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Run & Gun Professionals

The CL Series can travel in a backpack and light where no other light can - from the Jungles of Cambodia to the Himalayas

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Adventure Documentary

The CL Series delivers beautiful, powerful cinematic lighting in a package that travels in carry-on or checked baggage.

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Wedding Video

Light and fast with battery operated freedom to capture the moments in stills and motion seamlessly.

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I don’t have time to waste on set – I want equipment that sets up fast so I can spend time on the creative side working with the talent to get the shot – not needing to run cords, cables and tape lets me work fast and efficiently.

Bestselling Cinema Lights

Stella Pro CL 10,000c Action Kit

The essential kit for run and gun content creators who travel fast and tether to external power or DTap batteries.


Expedition Kit

Designed for dedicated on-the-go professionals that document the most extreme conditions on the planet.



The only continuous light designed exclusively for the needs of the modern professional photographer.


Stella Pro CL 10,000c

Revolutionary power from an AC/DC corded single-point LED that fits in the palm of the hand and outshines a 200W HMI light.

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Skydiving with Light & Motion

Aerial Stunt Coordinator and Cameraman, Joe Jennings of Skydive.TV gives Light & Motion an inside look at what it’s like to jump out of an airplane with everything from sky surfers, bikes, cars, and even a full living room. Joe does all of this while wearing a Red Dragon equipped with a powerful Stella Pro 8000 on his head.


Angelina McEwen Reviews Stella

Being a professional videographer and working in an industry where technology is constantly changing, I’m always on the look out for more efficient and affordable equipment.

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