Stella Pro 10000d (Drone Light)

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Stella Pro 10000d (Drone Light) USD

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The world's most powerful aerial light! Bringing ‘studio lighting’ airborne with an output comparable to HMI lights is a game-changer for cinematographers. Backed by Stella’s hallmark durability and dependable control, the Stella Pro 10000d is as reliable as it is powerful for predictable content capture.

• High Output COB “chip on board” LED
• Certified 90+ CRI, TLCI 93+, Daylight Balanced
• FL-1 Standard Certified 10000 Lumen output, Flicker-free 1000 FPS
• Attaches To Variety of Battery Connectors (Deans, XT60, or EC5) for Independent External Power
• Mounts on Conventional Camera Gimbals or GoPro Interface
• 120-degree wide, smooth beam angle without hotspots
• Operates from drone or camera battery with 12 to 25.2 volt input
• Thermal protection prevents overheating with integrated fan cooling
• Range of modifiers: press-on light modifiers including: 50-degree Focus Optic, 25-degree Fresnel, GloBulb
• FL-1 Standard certified: 1-meter drop concrete, Water-resistant (IP54)

*Drone Not Included

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Stella Pro 10000d

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  • Stella Pro 10000d
  • Stella Pro 10000d
  • Stella Pro 10000d
  • Stella Pro 10000d
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Specifications / Features


  • Lumens:


    • High – 10000
    • Med – 5000
    • Low – 2500
  • Run Time:

  • Charge Time:

  • System Weight:

    750g Gr.

  • Size:

    103 x 89 x 89 mm



    FL-1 Certification rating for effective beam pattern angle.


    Fl-1 Certification rating for brightness.


    Fl-1 Certification depth rating for waterproofness.


    FL-1 Certification rating for impact resistance based on ANSI-NEMA testing.


    Advanced electronics design for optimizing the user experience.


    Modular design supports a variety of mounting options.

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Reviews and Recommendations

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Lumen Test

Lumen Test

FL1 Standard: Ready to Go: Light and Motion is the first lighting company to test and certify their lights in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard. Using an integrating sphere, the actual lumen or light output and run-time is precisely measured and certified. No more guessing.  See for yourself.


Beam Test

Beam Test

BEYOND BRIGHT: See for yourself what the beam patten looks like and if it will provide the perfect light to enhance your favorite activities.

Light & Motion


Perfect For

This Light is Perfect For

Drone Filming

The perfect light to create captivating aerial imagery. Possibilities are as endless as your creative imagination.

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Upgrade & Enhance

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Stella Pro 10000d (Drone Light)

  • Lumens:
  • [120°]
  • High – 10000
  • Med – 5000
  • Low – 2500
  • Run Time:
  • High –
  • Med –
  • Low –
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