Winning Run of the Cascade Crest 100

December 28, 2013

By Brian Rusiecki

The Cascade Crest 100 is an ultra in Washington State in the Cascade Mountains, held at the end of August. The 10:00 AM start and the 21, 500ft of elevation gain means that every runner is going to have his and her share of nighttime running.  The aptly named “trail from hell” and Thorpe mountain sections of the course are technical sections of the course primarily run at night.  The 250EX gave me the confidence to run as fast as I could over the technical mountain terrain.  I used the light in the 80 lumen setting for the fire roads, bumped up to 125 lumens for most trails and used the 250 lumen setting sparingly only for the most technical down hills of the course.  I had 9 hours of night-time running and had battery capacity to spare at the finish.