Bicycle Commuters Can Ride Confidently with high-powered LED Lights

October 28, 2014

The key to riding safely when sharing the roads or riding at night or in low-light situations is to see and, more importantly, be SEEN.  Vast improvements have been made to create better, safer conditions for transportation cyclists through green boxes, bike lanes, better signage, and  “Same Rules”, and “Share the Road” campaigns yet one area where legislation lags is advocating for realistic standards for bicycle lighting.  Most laws identify a requirement for a front facing white light visible for 500 feet and a rear red light or reflector.

Traditional reflectors and cheap “blinkies” do not have the power and reach to alert motorists of a cyclist’s presence – they are passive and are not detected until spotted in a vehicle’s headlights and then it may be too late. Installing both a front and rear light is a great first-step and required by law. It’s also important to be visible at right angles to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

CommuterSAfetyTransportation safety data on car-bike accident statistics indicate that it is at intersections where 72% of the collisions occur and yet Light & Motion is the only company to identify this hazard and respond with dedicated side lighting that replicates the amber side markers required on motorized road vehicles. At Light & Motion we take safety seriously. We believe that if you are going to do battle with 2,000 pounds of Detroit steel you need a light that is designed for the job.

We have engineered our commuter lights with multiple modes to ensure visibility in all weather and traffic conditions. Our Taz, Urban, and Vis 180 tail lights have integrated side lights and the custom reflectors optimize the beam pattern for long and wide reach to  surround the cyclist’s narrow profile with 360 degrees of active, “I have a right to be on the road too”, bright light!”

The US Department of Transportation states  that “cyclists are legitimate users of the roadways and an integral part of our transportation system”.  As legitimate users of the highways and biways, transportation cyclists need legitimate and active lights to See and Be Seen day or night.