Beata Wronska on the Solite 250 EX

December 28, 2013

Since I remember I have always ran. It was nothing big but once in a while I just felt like getting out no matter what the season or weather was and I would just go wherever my feet would take me.

I would run through the grassy dirt paths of the beautiful countryside of Poland where I come from or through monster fields of red poppy flowers that were standing proudly during the summer months. In winter I would pick little tiny squeaking paths in the mounds of snow in the middle of the gorgeous, cold and crispy sky and beautiful sunny day. It didn’t matter.  It was my moment of freedom and self-awareness. I always had my life filled with that back in the days…

Nowadays it’s different, it is many years later and I live in Florida. Days are here hot, humid and it is difficult to stay cool. So I leave my running workout always for last, the final hour before sunset.  Often I would end up missing my workout or have to cut it short, well… until I got myself the Solite 250EX running light! I can’t even describe how great it has been to me. Now I am able to do all my Xterra training during the day and bike into the evening and finish with an awesome run at night.