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Light & Motion Academy:

How To: Product Photography

By Light & Motion

Photographer Daniel Brittain describes how he uses the Light and Motion LED lights to light a product photograph of a Tequila bottle.

Products Used

Stella Pro CL 8000

The world's most technologically advanced continuous light, the CL 8000 RF takes lighting to the next level.


Stella CL 2000

A favorite of on-location photographers needing a powerful lighting solution in an ultra-compact size.


Stella CL 1000/2500

Ultra-compact design with innovative boost mode ideal for photographers and underwater content creators.


Barn Doors Light Modifier

Shape and control a continuous light's beam with press-on barn doors that integrate the DM (Direct Mount) Interface for use with DM modifiers.


25° Fresnel Lens, 50mm

Modifies the Stella 1000/2500UW light's beam into a precise, even spot ideal for isolating subjects.