Master Photographer

Walter van Dusen

Master Photographer

Walter van Dusen Photographer

Photography has been a passion of Walter’s since high school. While stationed onboard a fast attack submarine, he visited many countries with his ever-present trusty camera. Walter’s daughter Hannah was born in 1996 and, of course, he became a “Dad with a camera”. In 1997, Walter realized he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer. It was after this realization that Walter attended photography school, workshops, seminars, mentoring sessions and assisted other photographers to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. He fell in love with weddings and has been on a quest for continuing education and perfecting his craft ever since. Walter earned his PPA Masters Degree, Photographic Craftsman and certified professional photographer shortly after going professional. Walter earned Connecticut PPA Photographer of the year in Creative, Portrait, Weddings and Masters diversion along with earing numerous photographic awards. Walter is the founder of Mystic Seminars since 2005 and concluded his last event in 2019 onboard a cruise ship to Havana.

During WPPI a few years ago, Walter luckily found the Light & Motion booth and spent about one in half hours asking about and learning about why Stella lights are superior, thus Walter became one of the very first customers for the new “topside lighting”, Walter was the founder and organizer of and soon after meeting, Light & Motion became sponsors at the event in Portland, Oregon. Soon after using the Light & Motion lights, Walter’s love affair was overwhelming so he was asked to start working at trade shows demonstrating on how he uses the lights. Late 2019, Walter is now a proud ambassador Starting in 2019, Walter’s next evolution in photography was specializing in continuous light studio-type portraits using his Sony A7RIV and CLx8/10’s; because “What you see is what you get”. Walter has no doubt that you will love using CLx8/10’s for your studio and beyond work.


“I fell in love with the CLx8/10’s as soon as I incorporated my Sony A7RIV for my portraiture. I was one of the first to see the benefits of “what you see is what you get with mirrorless cameras and powerful continuous lighting” I sold the majority of my flashes soon after I started using the CLx system.” – Walter van Dusen