All Around Adventure with Seca Fire Power

December 28, 2013

by Chad Denning

Let me tell you mountaineers, orienteers, cave dwellers, night skiers and all around endurance junkies that the SECA 2000 headlamp is an amazing torch that will never let you second guess your speed or ability level at night regardless of sport.  This type of consistent firepower allows you to be a better, safer and more in control athlete as you pursue perfection while training or playing at night.

My favorite time of year is Winter.  One of the mail reasons for my love of this season is the fun stuff that you can do outside…  the only downfall is the fact that the days are short.  Thanks to folks like Light and Motion you can extend your day and FUN threshold by strapping on a SECA 2000 headlamp via their sweet new sport strap and whola’ you have instant daylight.

Being a pretty consistent night skier via XC skis and Randonee’ around on the local mountains scene here in the northeast, Light and Motion allows me to pursue my training at any time of the day and never second guess my ability to be safe because I can see and can be seen.