Know the Stats and Take Action!

March 3, 2014

Even with the improved bicycle infrastructure, dedicated bike lanes,  and more education around “share the road” campaigns, cyclists are still vulnerable to accidents especially at intersections and when riding at night. Using both a front and rear light is a great first-step (it is the law in most states) but it is just as important to be visible from the sides!

Most accidents between cars and bikes happen at intersections – 72% in fact! You know the scenario… a car tries to make a left turn across your path or merges into your lane, or makes a right turn into you… the possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure: the car almost always wins. Make sure you have a front or rear light that has side emitters – you don’t want to lose a battle with 6,000 pounds of Detroit steel!
Get equipped and light up when you ride!

Accident Data: NYC traffic accident statistics and National Highway Institute Meta Data