Strava Doesn’t Lie

October 10, 2014

Last night I went on my first solo night road ride in the Monterey bay area.  Riding at night alone without the hustle and bustle of thick traffic helps ease my mind; giving me time to reflect on my past and anticipate my future.
I am a recent transplant from Cincinnati and my senses had to adjust to the new information along the ride. It was different to replace the scent of pine and freshly cut green grass with the saltwater from the mighty Pacific’s high tide crashing on the nearby beach.  After clearing my mind and becoming one with the environment, I got out of the saddle to hammer it out.

Strava doesn’t lie – I tend to ride faster when it’s dark.  My Light & Motion lights help me decipher the trail and the surface is clearly read in a split second from the beam of my TAZ while bombing down a descent at 35+ MPH while my VIS 180 lets the driver behind know when I am up ahead or just around the corner.  On this particular night I had an oncoming car flash their high beams at me telling me that I’m too bright.  Being recognized by traffic is the best compliment!!!

Trenton South is one of the awesome Customer Support Team members.  He commutes to work and has his best rides at night!