“24-Hour Team Racing: It’s Got It All”

December 28, 2013

by Dax Massey

There is a certain rush that comes with 24 hour racing.  It’s hard to say whether the rush comes f rom riding at night with the only light coming from the dual Seca lights we use to illuminate our path and the lights from other racers and the moon if you’re lucky.  Or is it the rush that comes from racing with four(on a 5-person coed) other people in a quest to conquer the night, your own demons and not let the team down?  Or is it the experience racing with good friends, new and old, and challenging yourself to find new limits.  Regardless, that’s really what it’s all about; good friends, good vibes and good racing and there’s a certain rush that brings.  To me, the rush doesn’t come from any one of these things specifically, but rather it’s the overall experience one get’s from a 24-hour race.

Aside from the strength, sleep deprivation, hard work and overall planning that goes into a 24-hour race, there is also the crucial element of the “team,” unless of course you’re racing a solo and then your team is your support crew.

Team chemistry is vital to the overall success and camaraderie within the team.  A team’s ability to work together as such that everyone has the other’s back, from sharing food and waking someone for their next lap to performing routine maintenance or setting a bike up with lights, all are essential to having a happy team.  And a happy team is a fast team and there’s a heightened sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering a task as a team. Also, it is very rewarding on a personal level to help someone have a more enjoyable experience, whether that is through a simple smile, lending a pump or a tube, or stopping to do the right thing if someone is injured.

Team Light & Motion or Team L&M Fun, the 5-person coed team, has a few regulars but prides itself on welcoming new riders to the team each year and offering them the best and brightest lights on the market.  We also foster tremendous teamwork on the Light & Motion team.  Hope to see you at a 24-hour event soon!  You’ll see us coming…
The Team goes out for fun but often finishes with a win. Team Light & Motion is a 3 x winner at the 24HOP and has garnered wins at 24 Hours in the Sage, 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, and Nationals.