23 Feet First Trailer To Inspire

February 14, 2014

What was your inspiration for “23 Feet”?
I was living in Durango, CO at the time and knew I wanted to move to Portland, OR in the summer. Realizing that it didn’t make sense for me to rent while I was traveling so much for work, I decided to buy an Airstream. I also decided that I wanted to buy a veggie diesel to pull it. Being a bit too spontaneous, I bought an old 1993 F350 veggie diesel with my savings and hit the road that same day to Boulder, CO where I had found a gutted 1970, 23-foot Airstream on ebay. I spent 5 dollars on gas and drove on veggie oil the rest of the way for a 7-hour drive to Boulder. The truck, (who I named Elvira) had “Wild Beast” written on the side and a “Got Balls” bumper sticker on the back… Needless to say – I got some stares.

A film about people who make the conscious choice to live simply in order to pursue their outdoor passions.

I got to Boulder and bought the airstream, hooked it up, and started my way back home to Durango, CO. I was 11 miles out of Boulder when my engine blew up. One scam-artist mechanic and a month and a half later I bought another engine which also failed and was stranded in Boulder with not a dime left to my name.

Cutting my losses, I sold the truck for scraps, towed the airstream to a storage place, and caught a ride with my friend Timmy to the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, CO where I knew I could then hitch a ride home to Durango.
After a shot of inspiration from all the wonderful films at 5point and then hearing story after story of my friend’s own adventures on the road, I was encouraged by other filmmakers at the festival to document my adventures in the airstream.

So, Elvira the veggie truck ended up wiping out all $8,000 of my savings, but the opportunity to go to 5Point Film Festival and get that inspiration made it worth every penny.
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