Bringing Baby to Work

March 6, 2014

By Jessica Hord

When Madison started coming to work with me at 2 months old, she was not my first child to hang out at the Cannery. My now 4-year old daughter has spent several days coloring on our conference table during “Teacher Days” (aka-good luck finding child care while you still have to work on these days).

Madison was welcomed by all levels of the company and has attended meetings, trainings, and even worked on the production line (safety of course). As many mothers know, mulit-tasking is just a part of the job and having her “on my hip” while working came naturally. It has been so much fun having her with me and one of the best parts is not having to choose between my career and being with my newborn child.

Not one time did I ever feel pressure or resentment for bringing Madison to work.  I enjoy working on the floor with my team however with Madison here, I was given the conference room – our only room with a door.  She is now mobile and I am getting ready to put her in childcare with her sister, but I do not do it with a heavy heart. I am grateful to Light & Motion for giving me the opportunity to “have it all” and having confidence in me that I can be a contributing member to our team AND a mommy at the same time.

Jessica Hord is the Customer Service Department Manager at Light & Motion