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“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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The Perfect Light for Diving

In an environment where you actually rely on your gear for your next breath, every component needs to be reliable including your lighting system. Factory sealed, tested, and certified to the FL-1 Standard, the lights are guaranteed to perform. Our lighting solutions have been conscientiously designed to seamlessly integrate into your diving experience so the light will feel as natural as your own vision. Built with versatile options to mount comfortably and hands free or to connect with just about any camera system - and the smart dashboard provides clear indication of run-time and mode selection.

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Sola Dive Family

The SOLA platform has redefined underwater lighting with its reliable factory sealed design, compact form, and intuitive feature sets. Scuba divers across the globe trust and recognize the Sola products as the premier lighting option to enhance every dive. With visibility being such a key factor to getting the most out of your dive, the high performance level and thoughtful craftsmanship of the SOLA will quickly win you over.

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Sola Imaging Family

Introducing the new standard in "constant lighting" with output and beam quality comparable to lighting studios - the possibilities of shooting underwater are now endless. Underwater imaging professionals across the globe are charting new territory with Light & Motion and developing game changing imagery with Sola lights. Light & Motion's factory sealed Sola platform is tested and certified to the FL-1 Standard, delivering the premier solution for reliability and performance.

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Gobe Family

Designed as the ultimate flashlight and a powerful underwater imaging solution. The GoBe platform allows users to configure the perfect lighting for every actvitiy. With versatile attachment for just about any system and six different compatible light-heads, the GoBe is the light that will enhance your favorite dive spots and show you the way to the next.

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Enhanced Experience Guarantee

We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade for the life of the product

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.

Our two year warranty doesn't merely provide you with peace of mind - it begins a conversation: about our commitment to you as a fellow outdoor enthusiast and as a good human being.  When you get a Light & Motion product, you also inherit our relentless pursuit of an enhanced experience; the perfect light.

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