GoBe+ 700 Spot

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GoBe+ 700 Spot

The ultimate waterproof flashlight. Conscientiously designed to go anywhere you want to be. Featuring a powerful 20° beam optimized to eliminate hot spots and provide an excellent balance of beam distance and viewing angle for a variety of uses.

• 20 degree spot beam is perfect for a general use beam as a standard flashlight, bike light, or dive light.
• 700 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Innovative design allows light heads to be interchanged for ultimate flexibility.
• Waterproof to 120 meters.
• Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimized firmware.
• Custom engineered reflector optimizes the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution for all your outdoor needs.
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GoBe+ 700 Spot

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  • GoBe+ 700 Spot
  • GoBe+ 700 Spot
  • GoBe+ 700 Spot

Specifications / Features


  • Lumens:


    • High – 700
    • Med – 325
    • Low – 100
  • Run Time:

    • High – 1.5 hrs
    • Med – 3 hrs
    • Low – 12 hrs
  • Charge Time:

    4.5 hrs

  • System Weight:

    178 Gr.

  • Size:

    4.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"



    Factory sealed system offers flood free performance with FL-1 Certification.


    High, Med, & Low output modes with SOS &Extended Runtime options.


    Universal distress signal mode with long run times for enhanced safety.


    Narrow beam pattern for increased beam reach and focus.


    Micro-USB provides the most versatile and convenient options to charge up.


    Modular design supports a variety of mounting options.

Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations

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GoBe Flashlight


Typically, flashlights are made to do just one thing, whether it be spotlighting, searching or lighting your way underwater. The GoBe…

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Typically, flashlights are made to do just one thing, whether it be spotlighting, searching or lighting your way underwater. The GoBe Flashlight is designed to do all those and more. Thanks to a unique body that works with a system of six interchangeable light heads- two spotlights, a wide angle light, a red light, a search light, and a light for use underwater at night- and a wide range of accessories, it's up for nearly any task. And you don't have to worry about packing a bunch of AAs around, either - its compact, water resistant body holds a USB rechargeable battery thats good for up to 54 hours of runtime.

GoBe Flashlight

• Industry Review •

Gear Closet: Light & Motion…

The Adventure Blog

When it comes to creating headlamps and other high performance lights for use in the outdoors, it is really tough to top the products that…

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When it comes to creating headlamps and other high performance lights for use in the outdoors, it is really tough to top the products that Light & Motion puts out. The company creates bright, durable and efficient headlamps and cycling lights, often incorporating unique elements into their design that really sets them apart from the competition. But their new GoBe line of lights raises the bar even higher, delivering a bright, powerful light that can be used in almost any environment. Recently I was fortunate enough to test out the GoBe+ 700 spot, their new flagship product that delivers performance unlike anything you've likely seen before.

Unlike most of the other lights I've tested from Light & Motion, all of which were headlamps, the GoBe is closer in shape to a traditional flashlight. But to call it a "flashlight" greatly undersells exactly what this product can do. For starters, it is bright. Very bright. On its highest setting, it is capable of putting out as much as 700 lumens. How's that for bright? It's medium setting is still good for 325 lumens, while low and extended modes are 100 and 50 lumens respectively. There is also an SOS mode if you need to signal for help, which is also at 100 lumens.

The GoBe uses a rechargeable battery to power its lamp and naturally its burn time varies greatly depending on which mode you're in. On its highest setting, it can only run for about 1.5 hours while in extended mode it will light up the area for a full 24. A handy light integrated into the handle gives the user visual cues as to how much charge remains. When the light GoBe does run low on juice, it is recharged via USB on a computer or a wall adapter using its own proprietary USB cable.

L&M sees their GoBe lights as part of a larger system. With that in mind, they have built several mounting options for use in a variety of activities. The model I tested came with a bike mount that firmly held the light in place on my handlebars and illuminated the trail quite nicely as a result. Other mounts include a photo ball, a video locline, and a YS mount. Additionally, there are six different light heads available, which can be swapped out on the GoBe to extend its functionally further. Some of those include one head that provides a wider focus of light and another designed for search and rescue operations. Between all of these mounts and detachable heads, the versatility of this light really shines through. Pun fully intended.

The GoBe has also been designed to be rugged enough to take with you on all your adventures and it feels like it could survive just about anything. It also happens to make an excellent light for divers, as the system is rated to go down as deep as 120 meters (393 feet). That's an impressive depth for any light to function, let alone one that is as bright as this one.

Light & Motion ships the GoBe+ 700 with the flashlight body, head and body splash caps, a USB charging cable, handle bar mount, lanyard and more. All in all, it's an impressive package, with everything you'd need to use the light on just about any expedition. They also shipped me the Search Head, which focuses the standard beam down from a 60º spread, to a very tight 8º. This turns the light into a narrow, intense beam that makes the GoBe seem like a completely different product.

As with L&M's other products, this type of performance doesn't come cheap. The model I tested carries a price tag of $299, which is a pretty hefty cost to say the least. But this product isn't meant for someone just looking for a spare light to have around the home. It is for the active adventurer who needs a powerful, high performance light for a variety of activities. This is a light that you can mount on your bike, take on a hike, or on a dive deep under the ocean. It is unbelievably bright and versatile, which is everything you could ask for out of a product likes this one. For the person that meets that description, this is a light that is worth every penny.

Gear Closet: Light & Motion GoBe+ 700 Spotlight

GoBe 700 Spot and GoBe Search…

Candle Power Forums

The GoBe is a new light from Light & Motion, an American manufacturer that I hadn't previously been familiar with. The GoBe series is an…

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The GoBe is a new light from Light & Motion, an American manufacturer that I hadn't previously been familiar with. The GoBe series is an innovative design, with interchangeable head modules and two potential battery pack handles. The lights feature an integrated battery and charger, of generally similar capacity to modern single 18650 batteries.

Light & Motion have sent me their higher capacity battery pack and handle (3000mAh, designated as GoBe+), as well as two head modules: a 700 lumen "spot" model, and a 500 lumen "search" model. As always, let's see what the official specs have to say for this configuration ...

Manufacturer Reported Specifications:
(note: as always, these are simply what the manufacturer provides – scroll down to see my actual testing results).

Common GoBe+ Specs:

The GoBe Platform is compatible with 6 different light heads and a wide range of accessories.

GoBe lights have 3 standard power levels and an auxillary mode with SOS & Extended run time settings

LED Indicator behind the power button clearly displays battery status during use.

Charge it anywhere with the USB rechargeable system that slides into the external charge port. Rapid charge with optional 2 amp USB adapter.

Gobe+ (3.0Ah): 2 Amps - 3hr, 1 Amp 4.5 hrs, .5 Amp 6 hrs

Gobe (2.2Ah): 2 Amps - 2hr, 1 Amp 3.5 hrs, .5 Amp 5 hrs

The LED indicator displays charge status (100% - Solid Green, 50-99% - Flashing Green, 25-50% - Flashing Yellow, 0-25% - Flashing Red).

Charge rate status is also displayed by holding down the power button while charging. A green light means it's charging at 2 Amps, Yellow - .5A-1A, Red - .5A or less.

Integrated thermal management. By circulating air and water through ventilation ports behind the light head and through the body, the GoBe is able to provide efficient thermal management underwater and on land.

Compact design is travel ready and weighs only 160-170 gr.

USB rechargeable li-ion battery with an accurate battery status indicator, 5 power modes, and run-times up to 54 hrs.

Specifications tested and certified to the Fl-1 Standard.

Accessories included: USB Charge Cable, Bar Mount, Lanyard, Head & Body Splash Caps, Grease & O-Ring. GoBe+ Handle & light head.

Gobe+ 700 Spot

Featuring a powerful 20° beam optimized to eliminate hot spots and provide an excellent balance of beam distance and viewing angle for a variety of uses.

Lumens/Runtime: High 700lm/1.5hrs, Med 325lm/3hrs, Lo 100lm/12hrs, Extended 50lm/24hr, SOS 100lm/36hr

Size and Weight: 45x122mm, 160g
Beam angle: 20 degrees
MSRP: ~$299

GoBe+ 500 Search

Optimized to deliver maximum penetration with a tight 8° spot beam, the GoBe+ Search is ideal for applications where beam distance and run-time are key, such as search-and-rescue, signaling or technical/cave diving.

Lumens/Runtime: High 500lm/2.2hrs, Med 225lm/4.4hrs, Lo 70lm/18hrs, Extended 35lm/36hr, SOS 70lm/54hr

Size and Weight: 45x122mm, 170g
Beam angle: 8 degrees
MSRP: ~$329

Optional Extras:

Optional mounts: Photo Ball mount & Video Locline mount kit, YS Mount kit, and Helment Mount available, $19 each.

Additional heads are typically $79-129 each (depending on model).

Additional battery/handles are $149-199 (depending on battery capacity).

Additional mount kits are typically $19 each.

Light & Motion also offers a number of combo options for $499, typically featuring two heads, with the imaging mount kits and phosphor flip-cap.
2A wall charger is $29.

The GoBe is a pretty unique design – I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. The initial impression is one of a custom light, with high quality attention to detail.

The two-toned gray plastic body of the GoBe+ has different consistencies, with the light gray areas having a soft rubberized grip, and the dark gray feeling like hard plastic. With all the styling elements, I would grip is good.

Labeling is minimal on the body of the light, mainly engraved Light & Motion logos and the GoBe+ name. There are white labels printed on the head modules, identifying the specific module.

Head modules appear to be anodized aluminum – in blue finish for the 700 Spot and black for the 500 Search. The head modules attach by a screw thread mechanism, with a clear plastic ring that mates with the corresponding plastic body threads. Screw thread mechanism has a good feel in my testing.

The "stalk" of the aluminum head module makes contact with a corresponding region in the body, with a series of internal pins that connect the two components. There are a series of cut-out holes around the body in this region, allowing for air or water flow over the head components.

Waterproofness is maintained by an o-ring at the base of the head module "stalk". Oh, and you might have noticed the labels that say each module is rated to a max 120m depth? Since the Manufacturer claims to meet ANSI FL-1 testing standard, that would presumably mean the "Submersible" standard (which is actually a more explicit form of IPX-8) - rated in this case to a depth of 120m.

The control switch is located under a raised portion of the soft gray plastic near the head, where the Light & Motion logo is engraved (i.e., just above the LED power indicator). Switch feel is a little "squishy" for my tastes, with a longer traverse than typical for an electronic switch. It has worked reliably in my testing though. Scroll down for a discussion of the User Interface.

There is a tripod attachment point at the opposite end from the switch, as well as an attachment point for the various mount accessories. There is a wrist lanyard point in the tail area.

The tail area features two distinctive items: a locking mechanism, and the charging port.

For all the test data and photos check out the full review:


GoBe 700 Spot and GoBe Search Review

Swappable Heads Make This…


With the right app, our phones can become almost any device we need, and Light & Motion is taking a similar approach with its new GoBe…

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With the right app, our phones can become almost any device we need, and Light & Motion is taking a similar approach with its new GoBe flashlight. Except that instead of software, it uses a set of six swappable heads that allow you to customize the flashlight's beam for specific needs—like a wide bright light when riding your bike in the city, or a soft red glow that protects your night vision when hiking through the woods.

Waterproof to almost 400 feet, the GoBe uses a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps the flashlight lit for up to 36 hours on the dimmest of its four brightness settings, while an indicator keeps you informed of when the battery is going to need a charge so you're not caught off guard.

Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Flashlights-In-OneExpand

The six swappable heads provide varying degrees of brightness and spread, with some covering wide areas while others feature a focused spot ideal for nighttime searches. The more unique options include the Red Focus which uses a red-tinted beam to preserve your own natural nightvision, and the Nightsea which works more or less like an ultraviolet light to cause objects or plant life to fluoresce.

The GoBe can be purchased with any of the available elements, and ranges in price from $200 to $330 depending on which option you choose. The heads themselves will hopefully all be available for purchase separately, but at the moment only the Red Focus is, and will set you back a hefty $99. That's quite a bit more expensive than an app, but at least you're not tied into a contract that says this is the only flashlight you can use for the next two years. [Light & Motion via Gizmag]

Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Flashlights-In-OneExpand

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GoBe+ 700 Spot

  • Lumens:
  • [20°]
  • High – 700
  • Med – 325
  • Low – 100
  • Run Time:
  • High – 1.5 hrs
  • Med – 3 hrs
  • Low – 12 hrs
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